6th September 2009

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Vehicles entered for the 2009 event

Reg No Year Type Operator Current Owner
LFJ862W   1981 Bristol VR Devon General (Western National) James Pratt
FDV829V 1980 Leyland National Mk2  Devon General (Western National)  Graeme Selway
ATA563L 1973 Bristol VR Devon General (Western National) Terry Bennett
913DTT   1960 Leyland Atlantean Devon General Terry Bennett


1972 Bristol LHS Devon General (Western National) Terry Bennett
WJ55HLG 2005 Mercedes-Benz Citaro Plymouth CityBus 80  Brian George
PUO331M 1974 Bristol LH Western National (Royal Blue) Trevor Cockram
FRU675Y 1983  Leyland Tiger 245 Travellers (Hounslow) and Bournemouth CT. 94 Matt Reynolds
CTT518C 1965 AEC Regent V Devon General 518 Phil Platt
T653KPU 1999 Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400 Stagecoach Devon 17053 Stagecoach South West
WA08N-- 2008 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Stagecoach Devon 1932- Stagecoach South West
WA58M-- 2009 Optare Solo M880 Stagecoach Devon 4769- Stagecoach South West
C748FFJ  1985 Ford Transit 190D Devon General  John Lacey

MSJ499 (925GTA)

1961 Leyland Atlantean

Devon General

Jonathan Hawkins
8159EL 1960 Leyland Titan PD3 Bournemouth CT Jonathan Hawkins
H262MFX 1991 Dennis Dominator Bournemouth Yellow Buses Jonathan Hawkins
XDV608S 1978 Bristol VRT

Western National

Ian Byrne
ROD765 1956 AEC Regent V Devon General Ashley Blackman
NDV537G 1968 Leyland Atlantean Devon General Bob Follwell
TDV 217J 1970 Leyland Panther Exeter City Transport 217 WHOTT
VDV 137S 1977 Bristol VR Devon General 937 WHOTT
WYP203G 1969 AEC Reliance Surrey Motors Stuart Prout
OFV621X 1982 Leyland National Fishwick Nick Muir


1964 AEC Reliance Hawkeys Tours Roger Thomas
AJH854T 1979 Bristol VRT AERE, Harwell Roselyn Coaches
LFJ844W 1981 Bristol VR Western National 1200 WNPG
PWS492S 1978 Leyland Leopard Badgerline 2098 Kelvin Amos
JHW108P 1976 Bristol VR Bristol Omnibus Matt Powell
GCK428W 1981 Leyland National 2 Fishwicks Mark Amis (SWPG)
OD7497 1934 AEC Regent Devon General DR210 Ron Greet
VDV818 1957 AEC Regent Devon General DR818 Ron Greet
LYF104 1951 Leyland Titan London Transport Peter Cousens
VHY437 1994 Volvo B10M Mk4 North Somerset Coaches 43 Dave Fricker
C526FFJ 1985 Ford Transit Bayline 526 Adam Suttle
931GTA 1961 Leyland Atlantean Devon General 931 Warwick Hulme
HTT487 1946 AEC Regal Devon General SR487 Ron Greet

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