21st JUNE 2009

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2009 entries were as below


Reg No Year Type Operator Current Owner
FDV829V 1979 Leyland National Devon General 2883 Graeme Selway
HDV626E 1967 Bristol RELL6G Southern National 2700 John Hembry
RLJ341H 1969 Bristol RELL6G Hants & Dorset 1622 Lawrence Burt
AFM103G 1969 Bristol RELH6G Crosville ERG103 (Bristol Greyhound) Carl Berry
GEL686V 1980 Bristol VR Damory 5070 Peter Smith
CLJ413Y 1983  Bristol LHS Bere Regis John Hembry
AFJ766T  1979 Bristol VRT Southern National 1159 Terry Bennett
RRU903 1955. Leyland Tiger Cub Bournemouth 266 Jonathan Hawkins
8159EL 1960 Leland PD3 Titan Bournemouth 159 Jonathan Hawkins
H262MFX 1991 Dennis Dominator Bournemouth 262 Jonathan Hawkins
MSJ499 1961 Leyland Atlantean Formerly Devon General 925 (925GTA) Jonathan Hawkins
JMW168P 1975 Bristol RESL Swindon/Thamesdown 168 Dave Nicols
EWS751W 1981 Bristol VRTSL3 Bristol 5543 John Robinson
STK131T  1979 Leyland Atlantean AN68 Plymouth CT 131 Ian Byrne
JSK261  1996 Volvo B10M Plymouth Citybus 307 Plymouth City Bus
KPW986  1950 Bedford OB Lewis Coaches Mark and Annette Withers
MXX342 1953 Guy Vixen London Transport GS42 Geoff Heels
MLL956 1952. AEC Regal IV London Transport RF319 Chris Kilby
D41MAG 1987 Iveco 49.10 East Yorkshire MS. 41 Ian Muir
FRU675Y 1983 Leyland Tiger 245 Travellers (Hounslow) and Bournemouth CT. 94 Matt Reynolds
FFX458 1952 Bedford MLC Dorset County Council Norman Aish
AFJ740T 1979 Bristol LH Grey Cars and Taw & Torridge Coaches Mike Caldicott
HX05BUJ 2005 BMC 1110EF First Hampshire & Dorset 68553 Glenn Nolan
CC8671 1929 Dennis GL Llandudno UDC. 2 Geoff Thomas on behalf of Southampton University Students
TPN103S 1977 Bristol VRT Southdown MS 603 John Barley for the 603 Preservation Group
WYP203G 1969 AEC Reliance Surrey Motors Terry Dameral
WLT 737 1961 AEC Routemaster London transport RM737 RM737 Group
A680KDV 1983 Leyland/Bristol Olympian Devon General 1804 James Pratt for Terry Bennett (DDG)
675COD 1960 Bristol SUS Western National 603 Brian Ede (Stroud RE Group)
C748FFJ 1986 Ford Transit Devon General 748 John Lacey
WDD 17X 1982 Bedford YNT Beards, Cinderford Terry Andrews
JHW107P 1976 BristolVRTSL3 Bristol OC 5033 Mike Ede (Stroud RE Group)
DAE511K 1971 Bristol RELL6L Bristol OC 1257 Dennis strange
OFV621X 1982 Leyland National 2 Fishwicks, Leyland 26 Nick Muir
JHW103P 1975 Leyland National Bristol OC 3015 Ashley Gardiner


1994 Volvo B10M Mk4 North Somerset Coaches 43

Dave Fricker



1983 Volvo B10M Mk1 North Somerset Coaches 45 Dave Fricker
MMW354G 1969 Bristol RELL6G Wilts & Dorset 924 Peter Cook
UFX858S 1977 Bristol VRTSL3 Wilts & Dorset 3377 Peter Cook
A927MDV 1983 Ford Transit/ Devon General 7 Kevin Pankhurst (WHOTT)
TDV217J 1970 Leyland Panther Devon General 217 Kevin Pankhurst (WHOTT)
VOD88K 1972  Bristol LHS Devon General 88 Terry Bennett
HFG923V  1980 Leyland National 2 Southdown 123  D.C.G. Vine
tbc  tbc  tbc Wilts & Dorset  Wilts & Dorset
KLJ749 1950  Bristol LL6G Hants & Dorset 779 Paul Tovey and Chris Knight for the Bristol Vintage Bus Group
NHU2 1950 Bristol LSX5G Bristol Tramways/BOC 2800 Pete Morgan for the Bristol Omnibus Collection
WCG104 1959 Leyland Tiger Cub King Alfred David Ledbury for FoKAB
J843TSC 1991 Leyland Olympian Lothian Transport 843 Daniel Burden for Black Velvet Travel
WFX257S 1978 Leyland National Provincial 76 Neil Williamson for Thompsons Travel

Royal Blue Run

Reg No Year Type Operator Current Owner
759MDV 1963 Bristol MW6G Southern National(RB) 1410 Peter Delaney
LTA729 1951 Bristol L6B Royal Blue 1250 Colin Billington
253KTA 1962 Bristol MW6G Western National (RB) 2270 Robert and Philip White
EDV502D 1966 Bristol MW6G Western National (RB) 1420 John Handford
FNV557  1949 LeylandPS2 Royal Blue (Church, Pytchley) Roger Burdett
OTT98 1953 Bristol LS6G Southern National (RB) 1299 John Grigg for WHOTT
RDV423H 1969 Bristol RELH6G Western National 1472 Simon Smart

 Stalls & Societies

Die-Cast Models of Bath
Bus & Coach Preservation
Mike Rogers, Swanage
Friends of King Alfred
Mr. AJ Russell
Wessex Transport Society
SCT Publishing



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